Up flow Anaerobic Floating Filter (UAFF) technology was invented by Engineer Athula Jayamanne in the year 1999 after conducting research works during a four years period, and patented as a new technology. While this technology is achieving the standards of the Central Environmental Authority, it best fits with the current trend of green concept as it does not consume any electrical power & it does not produce dirty sludge and captures biogas as an energy source.
Due to the benefits of this technology that are given below, many private sector companies [Hotels, Restaurant, Rice mills, Desiccated Coconut ( D/C) mills, Rubber mills, Garment factories, Distilleries & Brewery etc.] select and implement this UAFF system as their wastewater treatment system. We have successfully completed more than 100 wastewater treatment (UAFF) projects since 1999.
We can apply with technology for any kind of biodegradable wastewater. In other words, our experienced environmental engineers developed this technology for acidic effluent and non-acidic effluent. As a result of that, our company owns two patents for this technology.

  • 1. Anaerobic Granular Bacterial Treatment System (Advanced Biogas Technology) for wastewater treatment system
  • -Patent # :- 11632
  • -Inventor : Athula Jayamanne

  • 2. Anaerobic Filter Technology for the treatment of acidic wastewater without any chemicals
  • -Patent # :- 14931
  • -Inventor : Athula Jayamanne
  • Advantages of UAFF Technology

  • 1. No electrical power is necessary for the operation of this New Anaerobic Filter wastewater treatment system (UAFF), reducing the amount of carbon dioxide generated due to electrical power production. The calculated power requirement for conventional type wastewater treatment system for a standard size factory, cost about Rs 39,000/= per month. This figure was calculated according to the data collected from EAM Malibon Garments factory, Ingiriya in 2009.
  • 2.Periodical maintenance of aeration machines, and sludge pumps are necessary with conventional wastewater treatment systems. But UAFF system doesn�t have any aeration machine or sludge pumps. In other words, maintenance of UAFF system is almost negligible .
  • 3.No lime or other chemical application, for the operation, in case of acidic wastewaters. All the acidic wastewater treatment used lime (CaCO3) or any other chemical, to neutralize the acidity of the wastewater. The cost of the lime of a D/C mill wastewater treatment system is approximately Rs.1000/= per day in 2011.
  • 4.Zero SLUDGE generation. UAFF technology is the only effluent treatment technology that does not generate sludge during the treatment process. As a result of that, there won�t be any cost for sludge transportation and sludge treatment.
  • 5.As an alternative fuel, some amount of biogas production can be obtained from the operation of UAFF system, providing a part of the process thermal heat requirement of the Factory, Hotel, Distillery etc.
  • 6.In anaerobic digestion of wastewater / sewage in UAFF, helps to destroy, all types of virus, bacterial pathogens, protozoa, helminths & then the water-born diseases are completely controlled due to the Anaerobic (No Oxygen) Condition of UAFF system.
  • 7.This new Anaerobic Filter waste water treatment system eliminates all the other problems (Ex: Removed of sludge, periodical maintenance of aerator machines, sludge pumps etc.) of conventional wastewater treatment systems.
  • 8.Project cost of UAFF treatment system is always lower than existing treatment technologies (SBR, MBBR, UASB) in the market.
  • 9.We give a lifetime warranty for bacterial growing media of this treatment system.
  • 10.UAFF technology is capable of installing fully underground, when there is a space problem
  • Few places with our wastewater treatment / STP system & contact persons are given below for your references

  • -Managing Director Mr. Arun Kumar (Mahaveer Coconut & Agro Products Pvt. Ltd, D/C Mill, Tumkur, INDIA) Contact No: 00919343179662
  • -Chief Engineer Mr. Danny Fernando (Hotel Eden Resort & Spa, Aluthgama - LOLC Hotel) Contact No: 077-7767554
  • -Managing Director Mr. Janaka Wanigasekara (Hotel Eden Garden, Inamaluwa, Sigiriya) Contact No: 077-7445447
  • -Managing Director Mr. Dilshan . J . Wewita (Pussalla Farm & Slaughter house, Kosgama) Contact No: 071-6920920
  • -Distillery Engineer Mr.Ajith Bandara (Rockland Distilleries Ltd, Marawila Distillery) Contact No: 077-7592778
  • -Mr. Jayasinghe, proprietor of Bogamuwa Desiccated Coconut Mill, Bogamuwa. Contact No: 072-2244215
  • -Mr. Chathura Prashan De Silva, Director Operations of Callton Group of Companies, (Bakery Complex � Katana) Contact No: 077-3727989