Eco Engineer's & Co. 176/3,
St. Joseph Street,
Negombo, Sri Lanka

Welcome to Eco Engineer's & Co.
Welcome to Eco Engineer's & Co.

Eco Engineers & Co. was established in 2004 and within a short period, it was able to become the leader in Sewage & Waste-water treatment industry, due to the applications of innovative,patended wastewater treatment technologies.At present, they have expanded their wings into Buiding Construction, MEP & Sub sectors of Environmental Engineering due to construction boom in Sri Lanka. Eco Engineer's & Co. has become the only Sri Lankan wastewater treatment company that export their own patented innovations to India, Maldives, Malaysia and Indonesia.In addition to that, we have become the first environmental company that has won Presidential Award and Two Consecutive National Awards including several international awards in short period of time.




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